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Let your students see, touch, and feel what is written in the textbooks.  Our facilitators can start the education and cap the day with a lot of fun.


Sample destinations:

  • Angono, Rizal for arts and crafts
  • Calamba, Pila, Magdalena in Laguna for colonial history and architecture
  • Paete, Lumban, Victoria in Laguna for arts and sculpture, one town one product
  • Tagaytay, Taal, Tanauan in Batangas for Philippine history and culinary tourism
  • Biak na Bato, Bulacan-Caves for history and nature
  • Montalban, Rizal for history, mining and quarrying
  • San Pablo 7 Lakes, Laguna for volcanoes, bodies of water

Recommended for: schools, colleges, and universities.

Duration: one day

Ideal no. of participants: 50 or more

Availability: Dry months, depends on weather condition

Location: Per client’s preference

Attire: Uniform, sports, or casual attire

Materials needed: Depending on the activities preferred by the client


World of Outdoors will help you bring ideas to life.  Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can evaluate your needs and create a customized activity for you.